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Welcome to Tax Relief Center of America, Inc. If you are looking for information about how to settle IRS debts for less, whether you hope to handle the IRS settlement offer on your own or you are seeking a professional tax settlement firm, our company will prove beneficial. IRS settlement is considered the most favorable IRS tax relief program. It gives delinquent taxpayers a fresh start and allows them to put their back IRS tax debt behind them, for far less than they currently owe. For that reason, and to meet the needs of all visitors to our tax settlement site, we have provided both IRS tax settlement resources and an IRS tax settlement affiliate who will offer a free tax review.

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Tax Relief and Tax Problems

Tax Relief Center of America, Inc. is committed to providing IRS debt help to taxpayers in distress who are looking for ways to reduce IRS taxes owed through the IRS tax settlement program. Our mission is twofold: to ensure our site provides relevant IRS tax resources for those taxpayers who would like to attempt IRS settlement "on their own", and to provide the best tax settlement firm available to offer a confidential and free tax review.
While our tax settlement resources are comprehensive, they do not necessarily take the struggle and frustration out of "trying to deal with the IRS directly" especially when you are classified as a delinquent taxpayer. Even if these resources are adhered to and methodically followed, this does not insure you will achieve your goal of being approved for an IRS settlement offer. For this reason, our company encourages you take advantage of the opportunity to discuss their IRS tax problem with our tax settlement staff.  They are experts in assisting taxpayers. 

Our tax relief settlement office is staffed with tax resolution officers, senior tax settlement specialists, tax analysts and case review officers that offer in depth knowledge, extensive experience, and a proven track record of success in securing IRS settlement offers. They can provide detailed information about federal tax settlement including IRS audit settlements and how to "settle payroll taxes". 

Tax Relief Center of America, Inc is proud to connect you with what we believe to be the best tax settlement firm available. If you were looking for expert IRS debt help, you have come to the right place!  All information provided is kept strictly confidential.

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Tax Relief Center of America, Inc. provides free Tax Advice and Tax Information for those who owe the IRS. Additionally, Tax Relief Center of America, Inc's referral service puts you in contact with some of the best Tax Debt Relief specialists in the industry. You'll only hear from companies with proven track records for success, companies that can swiftly stop Tax Liens, Wage Garnishments, or Bank Levies, and help you resolve your Tax Problems for good.

Upon qualifying for the criteria necessary for the Tax Relief Program and being accepted we will immediately contact the IRS with a Letter of Representation and Power of Attorney establishing that we are representing you and that all further contact will be handled on your behalf. Additionally, if the IRS has already taken actions against you, we will, and in most cases, successfully request forbearance and receive temporary reprieve of any actions taken against you until such time as your case can be resolved.

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Here at Tax Relief Center of America, Inc., we give taxpayers the tools they need if they choose to abolish their Tax Debt on their own. However, most people will opt to have a reliable Tax Professional find the resolution to their Tax Debt Issues as per Circular 230, only an attorney, CPA or enrolled agent can represent you before the IRS. Tax Relief Center of America, Inc. conducts a thorough investigation through its affiliates to make sure you're only contacted by companies that are capable of representing you. With the top tax attorneys, CPAs, attorneys and enrolled agents to represent you when you owe the IRS. Additionally, Tax Relief Center of America, Inc. takes the utmost care to protect your confidentiality and personal information.

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